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Some parameters to be taken into account when choosing a grooming parlour management software

Searching for more performance, you have decided to computerize the system you use to note, follow and manage your appointments. Or, perhaps, you are already computerized to a certain extent, but would like to improve your performance by selecting a software better suited to your activity than your current system. But what does one choose? In either case, how does one choose? What software? What guarantees? What risks?

Cloud Computing

Certainly not on your computer!

The first selection criterion is the elimination of all captive systems…from (in?) your own computer! Neither your data nor your programmes must be stored in your own equipment under any circumstances! That solution is now completely obsolete and unsuitable.


Because it makes it necessary to set up a heavy and unreliable back-up system. You can, of course, copy your information on a mobile device but, in reality, this only provides an illusory protection.

No device is fully safe!

No device is safe; all devices can be damaged in an instant. As for the fragility of a computer hard disks, who would dare to dispute this in all seriousness? Store your data and your program in a computer and you are sure to lose everything sooner or later. No need to set fire to your premises, a simple power cut will be quite sufficient!

All the truer in the case of databases

This is true for all programs, but all the more so in the case of software used to monitor appointments. Indeed, such software comes close to what one calls “a database”. However, all database software operates in the same way, on the basis of intermediary “provisional” requests which form part of the system itself, inflating the volume thereof almost exponentially.

Necessary “compaction operations”

The only solution then is to proceed with a “compaction operation”, which, alone, allows unnecessary intermediary information to be reduced. This operation, however, is never without risk, and the exception of databases that can no longer be opened on a dedicated computer almost becomes the rule on the long term.

A system wide open to corruption

There is worse: the slightest incident, be it a keying error or a power cut, can introduce faulty information into the system and “corrupt” it, partially or fully!

The last data will be lost

The only solution then is to revert to the most recent backup possible and re-enter any information irrevocably lost following the backup.

Dog with computer

Possibilities offered by the Web

Fortunately, possibilities now offered by the Web allow all these problems to be eliminated forever.

Cloud computing

Never again will you need a system contained within your computer; both your program and your data must be “hosted” on an external server, by a professional host. That is known as “Cloud computing” whereby you use the computing and storage power of remote servers, through the Internet network, in the most cost effective way, from any computer, albeit slow, and any Internet link, albeit mediocre, or from your smartphone or your girlfriend’s tablet, that is where you like and when you like! As an example, even if you are not in your shop, you can monitor activities in real time, on a constant basis: appointments, grooming in progress, sale...

Rent rather than buy

This being so, why purchase a program? All you have to do is rent one!

Check-in DOG: it’s free!

The cost? As low as possible! As an example, as far as I am concerned, I consider that the grooming parlour management software Check-in DOG is free, and that in reality, subscription covers the hosting, the backing up and the securing of data.
Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed and fully protected by means of your password,

Will the host see my data?

Some will worry: can the host have access to my data?

A naive question! Forgive me but in reality this is a very naive question: one must have a limited experience of on-site databases to be unaware that the latter require maintenance beyond the skills of ordinary individuals and the intervention, on a more or less regular basis, of a computer specialist (who, at any rate, in some cases, will be quite unable to restore a corrupted system)! Indeed, needless to say, the said computer specialist will have access to your data and, if he/she wishes to keep his/her job, will be bound to absolute confidentiality. What applies to the computer specialist applies all the more to your host on the « cloud »: for them, confidentiality is not only an obligation but an absolute necessity!

Think about the services more than about the software! As you are beginning to understand, it is not so much the software that you have to choose, but the services related thereto. Beyond data hosting, maintenance and back-up, Check-in DOG offers you the ongoing correction of malfunctions and, as the cherry on the cake, a number of other services, such as the secure forwarding of e-mails sent through the platform. Get information, try, it’s free, it’s fun, and it may open great horizons to you.

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