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As we visited a groomer, the operator of a highly elegant grooming parlour in the Paris suburbs, the lady made a very interesting remark that we would like to share with you. We had been discussing the way in which she dealt with her appointments and kept her customer records.

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Computerizing the grooming parlour: the time has come

-I am not computerized she said to us but I feel that time has come to do something about it! Not necessarily for myself, but for my customers! They are all very familiar with computers! They would wish to be able to exchange with the grooming parlour by digital means. Many would like to be able to make appointments themselves, as is done increasingly in many professions. Some are surprised to hear that I am unable to send them a reminder the day before their appointment, be this via email or SMS. Others cannot hide their surprise when I write appointments into my old notebook.

Announce promotions, make the grooming parlour better known through the Web.

-Some customers wonder why with a shop as nice as mine, I do not have a website! They have told me that I could use this to announce my promotions for example ! I do not know whether this is true but a number of them have told me emphatically that a site would be invaluable as a means to enable newcomers to the locality to discover my shop...

Automatically generated appointment reminders

When we explained to her that appointment reminders could be fully automated or how easy it would become to manage appointments and maintain her customer records, as well as to keep the sales journal up to date, she became very eager to try Check-in DOG.

Practice the use of Check-in DOG free of charge

The Check-in DOG  grooming parlour management software provides access to free practice ! This gives you all the time you need to test and practice, and to check at leisure whether the system really suits you !

We found this idea astonishing, for us at any rate: point of sale computerization is now almost expected by customers who see it as part of the service !

Think about it !


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