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Why a grooming parlour management software? What advantages for a professional groomer?

Why do more and more professional groomers equip themselves with Check-in-DOG ? a short answer : a grooming parlour management software enables them to optimize and develop their activity. In addition to the management function as such, Check-in DOG enables them to have access to a complete collection of innovating marketing tools. In other words, Check-in DOG is a complete, professional, high performance management solution; yes, but that’s not all.

From the outset, Check-in DOG was designed in a spirit of innovation with two objectives:

  1. To enable you to save time
  2. To enable you to earn money

Using a grooming parlour management software also provides you with other advantages :

  1. Be certain that you comply with regulations
  2. Improve your image,
  3. Be reassured and be able to plan for the future

These points will be further developed hereinafter.

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Save time with Check-in DOG

These few examples will show you how the Check-in DOG grooming parlour management software will enable groomers to save time:

Groomers using Check-in DOG only need a few seconds to create their customer’s file and then a file of their animal or animals. (Check-in DOG allows them to create as many animal files per customer as are required) : all this is made easy by the software, and in a single click they find all useful information details : details of the animals, a history of past services, specific instructions, photos...

Groomers with a Check-in DOG subscription can view their planning schedule at any time: whether this involves scheduling a new appointment, finding one made a few days or a few weeks earlier, the procedure is simple, clear and precise.

In a single click all appointment information is sent to the customer via email or SMS, No necessity to note information on a card which will most likely become lost.

How easy it now is to check stocks in real time!  No need to go rummaging through cardboard boxes in the shed to check how much shampoo or dry dog food or how many collars you have left in stock.

Earn money with Check-in DOG

No more missed appointments and the ensuing loss in turnover: thanks to the appointment reminder, groomers using Check-in DOG  can book appointments via email or SMS, and thus make the best possible use of their time.

Each Check-in DOG subscriber has a Web page listed in our professional directories: a presence on the Web for those who still did not have one, and an additional listing for those who already had a Website. Also, in all cases, the subscriber is provided with a contact form which registers future customers in their Check-in-DOG space directly!

Promotions, events, your holiday dates, all this information can be integrated in your Check-in DOG page and circulated by the e-mailing function integrated in Check-in DOG.

Comply with regulations using Check-in DOG

Need we remind you of this ? Regulations make it mandatory to issue an invoice to the customer when providing a service for an amount exceeding € 25.00. Prepared in a single click, personalised with a logo of your grooming parlour, the Check-in DOG invoice is also a vector of communication (to indicate the next appointment, announce promotions...).

Other management software related regulatory measures will emerge in 2018: the grooming parlour management software that you currently use must meet conditions of indestructibility, security, preservation and storage inter alia. On subscription, Check-in DOG will issue you with a certificate of compliance to be produced in the event of a control.

Happy customers

Improve your image thanks to Check-in DOG

Your visibility on Internet, with all your specific details, access map, opening hours and photographs, as well as the customized invoice, are, of course, points which tend to improve your image in the eyes of your customers.

Now aware that you know them very well, thanks to the details recorded in the dog’s or cat’s file, past service history or any other information supplied by them, your customers will have all the more confidence in you:  everything is stored in memory in anticipation of future visits to the grooming parlour.

Check-in DOG reassures you and enables you to plan for the future

Thanks to particularly detailed and focused "insights", you have at all times a clear vision of your activity and you are in a position to review your customer base and services. Naturally, all data required by the accounts department can be forwarded in one single click.

The platform is accessible everywhere at all times: you are away from the parlour or have no access to your usual computer ? You can access Check-in DOG from any connected device, be this another computer, a tablet or smartphone, wherever you may be. Of course, your grooming parlour management software is accessible from whatever environment you choose (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android...).

Lastly we attach utmost importance to the security and confidentiality of your data, which means that you can feel 100% secure : your information is not located in a computer that might let you down at one stage or another but in the Cloud. You access this through an SSL certificate secured connection. Your data is duplicated and backed-up on a permanent basis.

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